Donald Trump, the 45th President of the United States, is famed for his tweets and his ability to move stock prices with just a few words fired off into the Twittersphere. And he shows no signs of dialling back on this flow of missives once in office. An app has even been created to alert investors when he tweets about a stock.

Boeing and Lockheed Martin

Poor old Lockheed has taken quite a battering as a result of Trump’s tweets. The overspend on the F-35 fighter project is a particular bugbear for the new president and he’s been keen to make it known.

Yet its stock has rallied since Trump’s victory in November and that is a sign of how while Trump’s tweets can cause a stock to dive, it doesn’t seem to last. Likewise Boeing – tweets about the cost of Air Force One may have caused a bit of turbulence but the stock has risen steadily since November. On December 6th, Trump’s tweet about Boeing sparked a 1% fall in its share price from around $152.16 to $149.75.

That one tweet wiped about a $1bn off Boeing’s market cap – good news that it recovered fairly soon after but it’s a great example of the short price swings we can see whenever Trump tweets – potentially offering traders and investors a good buying window.

Ford, Toyota, GM

Carmakers have also taken some knocks from President Trump, with the most vociferous attacks on any firm planning to open a plant in Mexico at the expense of the US. Several have come round to his way of thinking. Ford recently scrapped plans for a factory in Mexico, instead boosting Michigan jobs.

Nuclear tweets

Fears of Armageddon don’t get in the way of traders looking to turn large profits on stocks. Trump’s penchant for tweeting major changes in the geopolitical world order has helped a few lesser known uranium companies.

The share price of Uranium Resources, a London-listed miner, has trebled in value since, while that of NYSE-listed Uranium Energy Corp has doubled.

Forex trades

It’s not just stock pickers who can benefit from the Trump tweets. Forex markets are also increasingly likely to be affected by the new president’s messages. Lately he’s talked down the dollar, saying its strength “is killing us”. Forex traders would be wise to keep an eye on his tweets for any further comments aimed at jawboning the greenback lower.

Twitter has long been seen as a tool to move markets, but Trump seems to be taking it to new levels.

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