Charts are an essential tool in spread betting and trading for looking at price action, analysing trends and formulating your trading strategy.

While basic charts are useful, traders can also make use of a wealth of technical indicators and oscillators – sometimes called studies – that can help illuminate patterns and trends.

Using these studies is simple in principle. In TraderPro, simply open the basic chart for your desired market and then select ‘Studies’ from the top of the window.

From the list of technical analysis indicators and oscillators that appears, select the one you wish to use, set the parameters and your chart is created.

Each study provides a fresh view of the market and its price action.


You can also add drawings, such as lines of support and resistance, or Fibonacci lines.



Adding studies to your chart is simple - simply select the indicator or oscillator you want and set the required parameters. You can add multiple studies to the same chart to provide maximum insight.

The example below shows how to add a Simple Moving Average (SMA) to your chart.


You can also change the colours to make it easy to read the charts. The example below displays a 200-day simple moving average study with a 50-day simple moving average line.


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Studies available with ETX TraderPro:



Average True Range

Awesome oscillator


Bollinger Bandwidth

Bollinger Bands

Bollinger Bands %B

Chaikin volatility

Chande Kroll stop

Chande Momentum


Commodity Channel Index

Coppock Indicator



Detrended price

Donchian Channels

Exponential Moving Average

Horizontal Line Track

Keltner Channels

Linear Regression Indicator

Linear Regression Slope

Linear Regression Trendline


Mass Index


Moving Average Envelopes

Moving Average Ribbon

Parabolic SAR

Percentage price oscillator

Pivot Points

Price Channels

Price Comparison

Price oscillator


Rate Of Change

Relative Strength Index

SD Volatility

Simple Moving Average

Spread (comparison)

Standard Error

Standard Error Bands

Standard Error Channels


Stochastic Momentum Index

Stochastic RSI

Super Trend Indicator



Three line break

Triangular moving average

Ulcer Index

Ultimate oscillator

Vertical Line Track

Weighted Moving Average

Williams %R Indicator

ZigZag line