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New to Indices Trading?

From the FTSE 100 to the S&P 500, stock indices are among the most popular markets for retail traders.

Read more about indices trading, how to trade on an index and discover a range of tips and strategies.

New to Indices?

New to Indices Trading? ETX is here to help

Trading on indices remains one of the most popular ways to trade equity markets. Offering exposure to a benchmark of a country’s most liquid stocks, indices are often one of the first things that people trade when they are new to spread betting or CFDs.

What are indices?

Indices refer to the world’s stock markets. A stock index is simply a measure of a predetermined group of stocks.

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What indices can I trade?

There are many stock market indices to trade on. The largest and most liquid are the Dow Jones industrial average, S&P 500, Nikkei 225, FTSE 100 and DAX.

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How to trade on indices

There are many ways to trade on indices and these usually involve CFDs or, in the UK, spread betting. Both allow traders to take a short position or a long position.

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Tips and strategies for trading on indices

From monitoring individual sectors and components that make up a stock index to understanding the relationship between...

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