You will learn

  • To identify some of the strongest trends in the market right now
  • To analyse the live markets and assess the price action around Brexit
  • How to recognise key levels in various markets

Webinar Host


Adam Harris

Joining Trade With Precision in early 2015, Adam's primary focus is finding strong and established trends, no matter the market. Trading across all instruments and on various time frames, he employs sound and intuitive trading strategies that provide real, practical, sensible and consistent results.

In-depth description of this webinar

As the UK is scheduled to leave the EU on March 29th, we are now in the final countdown for Brexit. With the UK government scrambling for consensus on Brexit and the uncertainty surrounding key elements of the withdrawal, we certainly have the potential for strong market moves as events unfold.

In this special webinar, Adam Harris will be analysing the live markets and assessing the price action as we move ever closer towards Brexit.


  • Get a gauge of the overall market picture from low to high timeframes
  • Identify some of the strongest trends in the market right now
  • Analyse the markets most likely to be impacted by Brexit
  • Recognise key levels in various markets and possible approaches to trading them
  • See the ETX Capital Trader Pro platform in action live