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ETX TraderPro

ETX TraderPro is our fast, intuitive flagship platform. Find your next trading opportunity with access over 5,000 markets across forex, indices, shares and commodities. Stay one step of financial markets with our smart features, advanced charting tools and reliable execution.

The Tools of the Trade

The Tools of the Trade

The ETX TraderPro platform gives you a whole host of trade-enhancing gadgets to experiment with. TraderPro’s advanced charting capability allows you to choose from multiple chart formats offered in a wide variety of different time frames, as well letting you take advantage of a full range of drawing tools.


The platform also allows you to open a chart related to any product and then subsequently trade directly from that chart with just one click, allowing you to act immediately on the results of your trading analysis. You can also use the watch list function to keep a close eye on particular markets, or select the product info tab in order to find out further details about specific stocks. Other features you can utilize include drag and drop deal tickets and the pip calculator tool which helps you to quickly and easily work out the value per pip of your trade.

Make the Platform Your Own

Make the Platform Your Own

Though the goals of experienced traders may be similar, individual preferences and techniques can vary widely. In acknowledgement of this, ETX TraderPro has been designed specifically to allow users to customise the platform, letting them develop the trading layout that suits them best. By redesigning your platform to compliment your trading style, you can help maximise your trading productivity by removing any elements of the platform which you feel come between you and your trading.


Tight Spreads

If you’re looking for low spreads – some of the most competitively low spreads in the industry, in fact – then look no further than ETX TraderPro; for example, the platform’s variable spreads for Forex start from as low as 0.7 pips for EuroDollar and 0.9 pips for GBP/USD in normal market conditions.

Extensive List of Markets

Thousands of markets are available on the TraderPro platform – choose from a wide range of Forex currency pairs, metal, energy and soft commodities, both major and minor financial indices and a significant number of equities.

With more trading opportunities than any other ETX Platform, TraderPro gives you a greater degree of access to the financial markets.

TraderPro on the Go

Besides the desktop version of the platform, TraderPro is also available in mobile and tablet form on Android, iPhone and iPad devices. All users get full access to the platform’s advanced features regardless of the viewing format, giving them the ability to take a position or conduct in-depth analysis wherever they are, whether that’s at the office, whilst in transit or from the comfort of their home.

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